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GITAP - "Grand Illinois Trail and Parks" bike ride (June 15-21, 2003) photos

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This was the first time this tour was offered to the public.  It was limited to about bout 140 riders and was "sold out" quickly.  The riders ranged in age from about 15 to 73 (see photo #123) and the mean age was 55.  With the additional mileage to breakfasts and dinners, most riders covered about 500 miles in the 7 days of this tour.

Photos fron GITAP  2004

Miscelaneous ride photos:
Oct 2009 Self-contained 5 Day Bike Ride on the Katy Trail in Missouri
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"GITAP" bike ride, June 12-18, 2004
Sept. 10-12, 2003 - Carol's St. Louis trip

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