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The ASME Code Application Training Course
Updated April 2002 OLD VERSION
Developed by: Peter Turula

The course was sponsored in 1996-1998 by the Office of Site Operations in DOE/EM-70 under the National Packaging Certification and Transportation Safety Program, directed by Michael E. Wangler

Course Items of Interest

The NuPack Design Paper (Patram 98): [ DISPALY in text format ] [ DISPALY in PowerPoint format ] [ The Full Paper ]

Useful References

NRC Web Site at

Reg Guides List at

NUREG's List at

Selected NUREG's at
Including Standard Review Plans
- 1536 for Dry Cask Storage Systems,
- 1609 for Transportation Packages for Packages for Radioactive Material, and
- 1617 for Transportation Packages for Spent Nuclear Fuel.

Engineering Drawings for 10 CFR 71 Package Approvals (NUREG/CR-5502) at

Draft Reg Guide 1064 on the graded approach at

Packaging SAR Related Sites at

"The Radioactive Materials Packaging Handbook - Design, Operations, and Maintenance" (1998)
Identified as ORNL/M-5003 is available from L. B. Shappert, ORNL at (423) 974-1976
The Handbook is also available from:
Office of Scientific and Technical Information
P.O. Box 62, Oak Ridge, TN 37831
prices available from (423) 576-8401, FTS 626-8401.

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